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NC House Bill 88 (aka Senate 221, 2009 Healthy Youth Act )

Posted by eemilla on February 21, 2009

2009 Healthy Youth Act plans to change North Carolina’s sex-ed from abstinence only to an abstinence based comprehensive curriculum.  This is great news, and it needs vocal support against the usual suspects.  I fully support this change, but I wish there were some mention of masturbation as another option; what else kills the two birds of relieving sexual energy and providing 100% protection against pregnancy or disease?  Masturbation is the only middle road between partnered sex outside of a faithfully monogamous relationship and no sex.  I don’t necessarily envision instructors demonstrating techniques, but masturbation isn’t a dirty word or act.  Dr. Jocelyn Elders was ahead of her time fifteen years ago.  However, I suspect we will have to wait another fifteen or more years before masturbation can come out of the closet.  I didn’t catch this on my first reading, but this morning I had to laugh at: “a mutually faithful monogamous heterosexual relationship in the context of marriage is the best lifelong means of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS”; I guess not all mutually faithful monogamous relationships are safe.  Below is the email I sent to the House’s primary sponsors with my other state elected officials carbon copied.  Surprisingly I didn’t receive a reply.

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