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Toddler Hooded Bath Towel without the cutesy animal themes

Posted by eemilla on March 23, 2013

My sewing skills leave much to be desired mostly because I’m not detail oriented or patient, and sewing seems to stress my patience.  However, I wanted some more larger hooded towels for my LB, and those at the store were a bit pricey in addition to not leaving much grow room (although I do confess that I love the cutesy animal themes).  I first got the idea to make my own here, but I need more help so I dug around on Pinterest and used this and this to create my own.  My supplies were about $10 for the bath towel, hand towel, and the thread from my stash.

I found the center of both towels on their lengthwise edges then I pinned the hand towel to the bath towel.  From there I stitched them together, and to close the hood I stitched the hand towel’s top unattached lengthwise edges together.  I didn’t cut off any of the already finished edges, but I did get rid of the tags as they seemed scratchy.

The hood is super deep and huge which LB loves to play peekaboo with, and the homemade version is much more plush than the cute duck towel she received as a gift.

hooded bath towel


another view of hooded towel

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