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Shame on you, Congressman Shuler!

Posted by eemilla on November 11, 2009

Abortion is legal.  The best way to stop abortion is to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Before Roe v. Wade, well heeled women went out of the country to have their abortions performed, and less well off women went to illicit abortion providers who may or may not have been medically trained.  As a result, women died.  It is infuriating that Congressman Shuler (and the other representatives) would vote to restrict a right that is so intensely personal.  Every child born should be a wanted child.  How many children have you adopted or fostered Mr Shuler?

Congressman Shuler issued a press release stating that HR 3962 doesn’t provide enough reform or control enough costs.  However, if that were the case why bother with voting in favor of the Shupak amendment that would restrict access to abortions for ostensibly less than wealthy women.  Why didn’t Congressman Shuler present anything to the Small Business Committee that would have provided better cost controls or more reforms?  What reforms are Congressman Shuler looking for?

His press release states that he supports “many of the provisions in HR 3962”, but other than cost control he doesn’t specifically state where the bill’s reforms fall short.  On his Small Business page he points that healthcare costs have almost doubled since 2001 and that businesses are facing the decision of whether to pay for health insurance or lay off employees, but his solution on that page is to allow businesses to band together to create coops which would work within the existing system that Shuler says is “laden with waste, fraud and abuse” (from today’s press release).

The Senate is next so pick up your phones and call your Senators daily to remind them how you feel about our healthcare system.  I’ll be reminding mine that unlike them I don’t have free healthcare.  I don’t get to choose my doctor because my health insurance company does that for me.  For my annual physical, I have to schedule my appointment about six months out, and then I should expect to wait one, two, or more hours to be seen by the doctor.  Due to the huge price difference between the group and individual market, my employer choses my health plan.  If I were on the individual market, my only real option for health insurance company would be Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC; although they are not considered a monopoly BCBSNC collected over 96% of individual health insurance premiums in North Carolina in 2008.  I’ll also be sure to mention the millions of uninsured (like our friends who work forty plus hours every week, but still cannot afford health insurance) that the private market has failed.  I’ll voice my support for moving away from the fee for service paradigm and moving towards the rewarding healing the sick one; I’ll also share my dream of taxing the hell out of those prescription drug ads that harass me constantly to ask my doctor to please give me a prescription which might help the selectively fiscally conservative get on the bus.


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NC House Bill 88 (aka Senate 221, 2009 Healthy Youth Act )

Posted by eemilla on February 21, 2009

2009 Healthy Youth Act plans to change North Carolina’s sex-ed from abstinence only to an abstinence based comprehensive curriculum.  This is great news, and it needs vocal support against the usual suspects.  I fully support this change, but I wish there were some mention of masturbation as another option; what else kills the two birds of relieving sexual energy and providing 100% protection against pregnancy or disease?  Masturbation is the only middle road between partnered sex outside of a faithfully monogamous relationship and no sex.  I don’t necessarily envision instructors demonstrating techniques, but masturbation isn’t a dirty word or act.  Dr. Jocelyn Elders was ahead of her time fifteen years ago.  However, I suspect we will have to wait another fifteen or more years before masturbation can come out of the closet.  I didn’t catch this on my first reading, but this morning I had to laugh at: “a mutually faithful monogamous heterosexual relationship in the context of marriage is the best lifelong means of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS”; I guess not all mutually faithful monogamous relationships are safe.  Below is the email I sent to the House’s primary sponsors with my other state elected officials carbon copied.  Surprisingly I didn’t receive a reply.

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