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French Broad River Festival

Posted by eemilla on May 9, 2009

We both mentioned packing the camera at separate times, but somehow it failed to get packed.  Maybe next time.  Last weekend it rained every day, and it wasn’t soft sprinkling rain.  Needless to say everything was wet and muddy caked in mud after three days of being exposed to those conditions.  However, the rain did little to dampen our spirits.  Whoo-hoo to the French Broad River Festival!  Town Mountain was smokin’, and Jen and the Juice were fun (surprised to see Debrissa from Laura Reed).  One of my biggest regrets is leaving The Trainwreks at the end of their set to see Acoustic Syndicate; Acoustic was too mellow, but The Trainwreks were hot and fun (plus the Flood Stage had one of those funky tents that I last saw at TriNum).  Brushfire Stankgrass started our Saturday right, and I also enjoyed Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys.  I had never heard Reverend Horton Heat, and I had plenty of fun, albeit in the rain, grooving (and balancing beer and umbrella) to them.  However, I think Larry Keel and Natural Bridge were my weekend favorites.  Larry was having a good time on stage, and the energy was just right.  The worst part of the festival was missing the Unifire Theatre; due the rain, their set was moved from the end of the night to some other time that we didn’t hear about.  I love fire; watching fire, especially after a good bit of alcohol, is one of my favorite things, and when the fire isn’t isolated to the fire pit and is dancing around on hula hoops and the ends of swinging chains I become entranced.

Not only is the Hot Springs Campground lovely and beside the river, the hot tubs are right across the street.  I wasn’t as energetic as I normally would have been watching Brushfire Stankgrass or Jen and the Juice as they were post soak.  My honey booked a tub early Saturday afternoon, and he took the advice of those in the know and picked the best tub available.  It had a wooden deck with plenty of room and two chairs and  a table as well as a fan and a heat lamp.  However, the best part is the infinity pool effect you get when sitting in the tub; this is compound by the fact that the water is on both sides of the tub.  While you are close enough to hear loud engines climbing a hill, one can easily drown those noises with the singing of the river.  If you have never been to Hot Springs, you will be shocked at the velvety softness the waters impart on your skin.  

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Posted by eemilla on November 27, 2008

In the tradition of Thanksgiving, I want to put it out there.  

I love my husband and the almost ten years that we have been together.  We met young, and we have evolved; I could not be so happy without him.  I look forward to the next fifty years together, traveling and having a merry time.  He has expanded my tastes in food, and he patiently taught how to ski.

Thanks to my wonderful four legged fam for all the wet noses and furry head-butts.




Millie & Mr

Millie & Mr







My hereditary people fam aren’t too bad either; our wedding was met with such joy, love, and support. and wow, the cake was delicious.


Amaretto Cream Cake

Amaretto Cream Cake



Blessed be, Brother Otis.  Although I only embeded the part of the festival that made me fall in love with Otis Redding, I recommend watching all three videos in the series; better yet, you should purchase the entire recorded performance.  I have to give credit to VH1 for airing the entire recorded performance sometime in 1999-2000 which turned me on to Brother Otis.  

I cannot think what my life would have been like without the music that I sing when I am pissed or happy.  I have tried to include a good groove like a good mixed tape to put you in the right mood.  This is a somewhat random pick of my favorites, but I cannot claim it is comprehensive in any sense of the word.

Screenwriter’s Blues

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Freddie Freeloader

Gloria (as performed by Patti Smith)

Devil Woman

Half Moon

Fortified Live


Lawdy Mama

Got to Give It Up 

Professor Booty

A Day in the Life


Small Axe

What A Diff’rence A Day Made

Rock the House

Down by the Seaside

Power of Love

We A Rockers

Police and Thieves

Split Open and Melt

Does Everyone Stare

Street Talkin’


Apache Rose Peacock

Happy Phantom

Dance Lesson Number Two

I know I am leaving off a bunch (Billie Holiday, Grateful Dead, Erykah Badu, Laura Reed) as I am so bad at picking favorites.

Here’s to having a lovely, snowy winter.  I am looking forward to lots of good, southeast skiing and plenty of fires in the fireplace.

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Daily Thanks

Posted by eemilla on August 22, 2008

I was a bit grumpy yesterday so I decided I should try to write some daily thanks.  Today I am thankful for my Aunt Renee introducing me to Santana.  I am also thankful my the nice shaded lot our house sits on in our older neighborhood.  I enjoyed reading, lots of music, surfing the internet, and playing with the cats and dog.  Today has been fairly unproductive as far as housework goes, but I am in a nice mood.

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