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My very own cute little soap box!

What’s going on

This is my little soapbox blog where I can rant and rave all the while improving my typing skills.  I live in an aberration of the bible belt south with my honey, daughter, kitties, and dog.

3 Responses to “What’s going on”

  1. Eemilla – Thanks for your recent comments on my blog! I was just reading through yours and see many of my favorite spots listed in your Lust for Life directory. We live in West Asheville so we love Nona Mia, Orbit, and Two Spoons is an absolute favorite of mine. Not sure if you’ve seen my blog post which was inspired by it:

    Anyway, I’m going to add a link to your blog on Nina – and would be honored if you’re so inclined to do the same. Either way, its nice to connect, virtually at least, with a fellow Asheville foodie!



  2. Hi Eemilla,

    I just posted something on AskAsheville that you might be interested in (I’m up on my soap box again … lol). If you can help, please do … and if you can pass the word, I’d really appreciate it! Here’s the direct link:


    Cyndi (aka Small Footprints)

  3. eemilla said

    I will certainly email it; zoning regulations that are consistently modified for certain groups are highly irritating. We live within five miles of three Ingles, which all have gas stations, and between the store, parking lot lights, and the canopy I don’t know much brighter they need to be.

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