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Movin’ on Up!

Posted by eemilla on September 21, 2010

South Asheville keeps getting better and better; yes the bus service down here still blows, but at least there are places to go to (with a designated driver along for the drive).  I’ve fawned over Thirsty Monk South before (although frankly not enough to indicate how much I really, really love it), and I recently spoke of Tupelo Honey South and their wicked bar specials; however, the newest kid on the block is Green Tea Fusion (affiliated with Green Tea Sushi in West Asheville).

Green Tea Fusion is located at the bottom of Gerber Village, closest to Hendersonville Rd, but between the large party on the Frankie Bones patio and the constant audio assault of Five Guys, it was impossible to hear any traffic.  Yes, the patio is huge, but frankly, sitting inside is the best course of action, because escaping the musical diarrhea incessantly pumped out by Five Guys is impossible (even on the Monk South’s patio across the parking lot).  The interior is clean and modern and open with its high ceilings and white walls (although all of the glass in the entrance was a bit disorientating on both my arrival and exit).  The bar looked fully stocked, and we enjoyed the Sho Chiku Bai gingo sake as per usual.  Our service in the evening was fine, but I was stunned by the speed and courtesy in which my lunch of two rolls and edamame was served.  The quality was still wonderful, but I ordered and enjoyed my lunch in about fifteen minutes flat (I did box the edamame to dine on back at the office).  The kani naruto and joy roll continue, and of course they have nicely priced lunch specials.

In regard to South Asheville bus service and sidewalks, I finally braved a ride on the bus during my lunch break.  My office closes from 12:30 to 1:30 for lunch, and normally, I run home to cook something up or pack a lunch to eat at the office on days my honey has the car.  However, the bus heads north between 12:35 and 12:45 with a return trip around 1:25 so I decided to catch a ride up to Gerber Village for lunch.  My usual routine if I don’t have any leftovers to eat for lunch and my honey needs the car is to walk  the almost half mile to Iannuci’s, but sometimes a girl needs to splurge use public transportation.  Although I ended up rushing out of my lunch about twenty minutes too soon and walking about three-tenths a mile in the noon day sun (on a sidewalk!) to the bus stop (thus avoiding walking less than a block north to the closer bus stop) and being one minute late for work, I do plan on extending my multi modal lunch range with public transportation in the future.

Finally, I need to cure my lack of raving about how much Monk South rocks.  The tempeh satay is the best $5 I’ve spent in a long time, and the only thing that could possibly improve it would be to add some greens to the plate (I would also love to never see the skewers again).  Their one year anniversary Pint Week celebration netted us many new glasses, and I have to admit that I’ve succumbed to yet another hardcore IPA  (as a rule I hate IPAs); the Flying Dog Raging Bitch is delightfully hoppy without killing me on the bitter aftertaste.


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A Quick One While He’s Away

Posted by eemilla on September 16, 2010

So by the time anyone reads this it will likely be past the deadline (22 September 2010), but here goes.  My favorite cause is to whine about the lack of mass transit and multi modal infrastructure so if you too enjoy doing so (and if you don’t you really should), please take a moment to peruse the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization‘s Long Term Transportation Plan then take the survey.  Come on, at the very least browse the projects then take the survey!

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