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Sylva driveby

Posted by eemilla on July 21, 2012

A weekend or two ago we went to Sylva to celebrate a wedding, and as we had to drive past WCU we decided to make it a proper day trip with lunch and a tourist stop.  For lunch I decided on Nick and Nates.  I’ve been waiting for a reason to eat there as it was opened by a fan of my favorite (no longer open) pizza place, and much like other imitators, my expectations were not met as no one ever comes close to piling the toppings on as I remember they did.  Our quick review found at least four pizzas from my favorite pizza place, albeit with different names.  The flavor, portions, and service were nice, and I would eat there again.  The beer list was much better than I expected, although contrary to the menu it was not completely devoid of one of the major breweries.  I was so  surprised to see Tanqueray in the well list that I almost ordered one.  We dined on the covered porch, and it had a nice mountain view (past the hospital); I was a bit dismayed that a lady decided to smoke on the porch during our meal, but smokers will smoke.

I shared a Mediterranean with my daughter, and I’m glad I ordered the medium because she enjoyed the pizza and ate almost an entire slice.  My husband went for the Border Crossing, and the jalapenos still had seeds which brought tears to his eyes; he ordered another beer to help wash it all down.  Overall we were happy with our pies, and we’d definitely stop back by; if so I’m getting a Tanqueray up with a twist.

Our next stop was the Heinzelmannchen Brewery, where we sampled all they were pouring.  I didn’t recall my first tasting at Brewgrass a few years past, but I really enjoyed their beers on this sample.  Everything was easy to drink without tasting watered down; I even liked their Hoppy Gnome, but my favorite was the Hefeweizen which the pourer described as being tart.  I was a bit worried, but alas my tart and his tart are far apart.  It was perfectly crisp, and when I was trying to stay cool at the wedding while waiting for the newlyweds to appear I knew it would’ve hit the spot.  Next time we are out that way we’re packing a cooler so we can bring home a growler, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the growlers show up next to Pisgah & ABC at the store.

We really didn’t have any extra time before the wedding to explore downtown Sylva, even though it is only a few blocks long and wide.
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Thirsty Monk South!!!

Posted by eemilla on September 11, 2009

These pictures are not the best or most clear, but fuck it!  I drank good beer in South Asheville after nine pm (actually all of these photos were taken after 11:30 pm)!

specialized beer glasses

In addition to the expected bar stools, Thirsty Monk South has a couch and coffee table area, two dart boards (with plenty of other board games), and a dog friendly patio (also smoker friendly).  I played some cricket with my honey, and he schooled me.  In my defense he was the designated driver.

getting my ass kicked at cricket


We are so stoked about good beer in South Asheville, even if we still cannot catch the bus back home.  One step at a time.

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