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So much to celebrate!

Posted by eemilla on October 12, 2008

We have accomplished six and a half weeks of being a one car household.  I am so proud of my honey for bearing most of the sacrifice, although I am jealous of his thinning waistline.  A few days ago we even left the car parked in the carport all day long as I rode my much improved bicycle, and he took the bus.  Thanks so much to Asheville Recyclery; however, please do not be fooled by their website: they are located behind the French Broad Food Coop at 90 Biltmore Avenue in southern downtown Asheville.  Although my dry-rotted nubby mountain bike tires have been replaced by slicks, my saddle is the most uncomfortable piece of plastic in existence, and my gear shift has a mind of its own.  I will ameliorate these issues and become a brave bike commuter along the quite dangerous Highway 25A (aka Sweeten Creek Road).  Additionally, I will continue to ride the bus on the weekends to get downtown to grocery shop even if I do have difficulty reading the schedule correctly.  Due to my idiocy, I was able to walk a few miles from the North Asheville library to Greenlife lugging a backpack full of cognac, brandy, capilene and socks from the Ski Country tent sale, an Andrew Jackson biography, my grocery shopping bags, and a purse with a hand on the fucking cooler (for the groceries that were not to be).  I walked all that way (and believe me for someone as sedentary as myself that is one long fucking walk) because I cannot read the bus schedule, so I guess I paid a physical stupid tax today.  

The other reason for our celebration (which we will postpone due to us both suffering from nasty early season colds) is our second wedding anniversary.  I agree that two years of married bliss doesn’t really deserve a grandiose celebration, but come January it will be ten years we have shared.  I met this wonderful man on my birthday, and we shared French toast at IHOP after seeing some punk band at a bar that doesn’t exist because it either went out of business or someone drove their car through it.

I didn’t really think of myself as the marrying type, but I love this man.  I really wanted to stand in public and say it; I wanted to profess my undying love in front of our family and friends.  It was so wonderful, and I love being married to him.  I don’t feel that anything really changed from our cohabitating or living in sin days, but damn, I love calling him my husband.  

The only thing that sucks about being married is the constant query of where are the kids?  I will leave that for another post.


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