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President Barack Hussein Obama

Posted by eemilla on November 6, 2008

Whoo-hoo!  After waking up at 5:20am on Election Day to spend most of fifteen hours handing out ballots, my trepidation and hope carried me through until I heard that Senator Obama had won the election by a good healthy margin that cannot be stolen.  After I tried to watch my local races, I passed out and had to helped into bed sometime after eleven.  

When I arrived at work the reality of the world hit me and deflated my elation.  I work with two ultra conservatives (in a three person office), and they seem to be looking forward to a failed Obama presidency.  However, I will not be cowed, and I am still joyous and proud of this country.  I am thankful that I was able to finally vote for a candidate who was not the lesser of two evils.  I truly believe that President-elect Obama will be a fearless leader who will give this country his all to raise us out of the mess we are in.  He will remind our elected officials that they work for the people not the lobbyists, and he will remind us, the people, that prosperity and happiness have to be earned with hard work not purchased on credit.

I hope to see a major transition from old school energy to new renewable and safe energy.  I can’t wait to see increased public transportation options; I want everything from bike lanes, sidewalks, bus stops, more buses, and light rail for longer travels.  

I look forward to living in a country where health care is a right not a privilege.  I am excited to think that prevention will take precedence over reactive surgery and drug abuse.  I cannot wait for the boom in the health care industry due to the new insureds as they will be even more stable, well paying jobs.

The thought of the wealth being spread not to major, multinational, multi-billion dollar corporations, but to hard-working families and small businesses is so energizing, and I cannot wait to do my part in stopping corporate welfare.

I love my country, and its ideals.  I am genuinely proud to be an American today, and I think is the first time I have been so proud.  I say this because I love this country, but it is the love of a parent for a child.  I am not blind to the blunders, and I think I help the future more by being critical rather than fawning.

Although the road is long and seemingly never-ending, YES WE CAN!

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