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Thirsty Monk Biltmore Park

Posted by eemilla on September 22, 2014

I didn’t know what to think about another Thirsty Monk on the south end of the county, and I was glad to hear that both locations were staying open (although Gerber Village has since closed).  I like Gerber Village for its enclosed outdoor patio, but I like Biltmore Village for having a bigger menu and its long benches. Additionally Biltmore Park seems to have better tap takeovers and pint nights (buy the beer keep the glass) along with liquor.  I haven’t been back to Biltmore Park since the Gerber Village location closed so I don’t know if the pretzels that I so loved have moved to Biltmore Village; I appreciate that Biltmore Park has a kid menu, but I wish the options were less junky (the mac and cheese is so greasy and over-cheesed that I would be surprised if there were less than a pound of cheese in the small ramekin it is served in).   My grandmother holds a standing Sunday lunch date with her children and grandchildren which is great except when it coincides with Mother’s Day, and Thirsty Monk Biltmore Park was the perfect place for us to dine without a wait on Mother’s Day.  Even if I don’t love the kid menu, I do love that the ambience is family friendly enough to make me feel comfortable to bring my child and teetotaling grandmother and mother.


The Thirsty Monk on Urbanspoon

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