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Two Expensive Dinners

Posted by eemilla on July 13, 2013

For our nice dinner out my honey selected Candle Cafe, and we were on the westside.  Fortunately we didn’t really encounter any waits to be seated in any of the restaurants we dined at. With our toddler we have about an hour or so to eat in peace before LB is done being confined and quite.  The lighting is dim and evocative of the low light of a candle, and the tables are squeezed together.  Overall our food was enjoyable.  The one exception was LB’s pizza from the kid’s menu; it was over sauced, and the vegan cheese was wholly unappetizing.  The other downer of our meal was my dark and stormy which I only ordered after reading seeing their house made ginger ale; the drink was a hefty $13.75, and it tasted much too much like sour mix so that I hardly finished it.  I do concede that I made an amateur dining mistake as the waitress relayed that the bartender didn’t want to make this drink so I should’ve stuck with water.  Finally, it took too long for us to get our check and get out the door; otherwise our service was fine.  The appetizer, steamed dumplings, and the main courses, portobello steak and morel tofu, were good with fair portions and good execution.  Sadly, the negative details are sticking out more than the positive, so I cannot elaborate on what I enjoyed about our dinners.  We all three enjoyed the desserts, a chocolate peanut pie and three scoops of ice cream, but again I cannot recall the three flavors my honey selected.  Our before gratuity bill was over $100, which is what we expected for our nice dinner.
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For our second expensive meal, I don’t recall if my honey had picked out the restaurant or we were looking for something else when we decided to eat at Cilantro.  This was a much better dining out experience than the previous night as all of the food was great and the service was fast, and yes the drinks were expensive but absolutely fabulous too.  LB ordered a quesadilla of the kids menu, and I ordered the mushroom quesadilla off the appetizer menu.  We also had an order of guacamole and chips to between the three of us, and I left full.  My honey had a steak.  The room was loud and bright, and the seats were comfortable.  The tables were somewhat closer than I prefer, but definitely not uncomfortably close.  Our bill (before tip) was one margarita away from breaching the $100 mark, but after two I was toasty (and quite happy to be catching a train back to the apartment).
Cilantro on Urbanspoon


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