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Bronx Zoo

Posted by eemilla on July 7, 2013

Our apartment was so far north that we had a forty minute train ride to get to the Bronx Zoo or Chinatown or some other southern point, but the ride to and from the Bronx Zoo maybe seemed longer because we had to ride a local train rather than an express train.  Regardless of the length of your ride, the fare is still only $2.50, and we were glad to find that LB didn’t cost anything.  I still cannot figure out why we didn’t purchase the seven day unlimited ride card as I think we ended up spending about $130 whereas each card (we would have had to purchase two since you cannot use the unlimited card more frequently than every 18 minutes) cost about $30.

Again I was overzealous in my itinerary so I had planned for us to picnic at the zoo then return to the apartment around 4, but we ended up getting to see a large portion of the zoo (sadly the monkey house wasn’t even open) in the few hours we were there.  LB loved the gorillas and the giraffes, but sadly there was a meltdown at the lions although I didn’t see any baby lions (one of LB’s favorite books is Little Lions).  The butterfly conservatory was not worth the extra admission as it pales in comparison to the one at the Natural History Museum and of course the one in Key West; we purchased the total experience pass so we didn’t have to pay extra admission to any of the paid exhibits of which we hoped to do a few (butterfly, bug carousel, monorail, children’s zoo, jungle world).  Looking back it looks like we didn’t get our money’s worth on that one either because we ran out of time.  While I’m not certain the gorilla forest is worth the $5 additional admission, it was really cool to see the gorillas so close.  We were hoping that going during the middle of the week we might have a less crowded experience, but neither of us expected the hundreds of school field trips we encountered.  I guess that was another silly mistake on our part.

DSC08647 DSC08632 IMG_0883 DSC08633DSC08624DSC08580


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