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Metropolitan Museum of Art

Posted by eemilla on June 30, 2013

As my main goal with the this vacation was to satisfy my desire to see the complete Met, I wanted to start with it.  Even though it was my main attraction I didn’t actually think about what I wanted to see in any great detail so we ended up looking at a several sections that while I enjoyed them they would not have been my priority.  Yet another vacation lesson learned.  On the bright side I rushed back another day as soon as LB was napping to try and get my fill.  I am thankful that the Met has a suggested donation policy which enabled me to return for my second visit as the first was cut short.  Another lesson learned is that nap time has to be honored, and a nap in the strolled doesn’t cut it.

The front entrance had some major construction so there were plastic tents and fences blocking a good photo, and once we got inside we wasted plenty of time by purchasing tickets only to realize that we had forgotten to purchase a City Pass so we had to get a refund then go purchase the City Pass (this meant three separate lines).  In hindsight the City Pass didn’t end up being a good deal for us anyway as we were not able to squeeze in enough of the attractions.  There were so many awesome paintings and statues and artifacts, and we took tons of photos; the Temple of Dendur was closed as was part of the Chinese art collection.  Some of the paintings were from the 1500s, and they looked so fresh and vibrant.  I would post photos (not that they would do justice), but the Met’s photo policy prohibits publishing them.  Although it was the only section I really remember about our first visit, we toured the Egyptian collection followed by the Ancient Greek and Roman sections.  By that time LB was ready to run around so we took advantage of a playground a block away.  We decided to return and cram in what we could which ended up being a sculpture gallery, the African collection, and European furniture before returning to Harlem for lunch and nap time.


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