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Neo Burrito

Posted by eemilla on May 18, 2013

Unfortunately, I do not like black beans which is a problem sometimes as a vegetarian; much like zucchini and squash, black beans are frequently used in vegetarian dishes (along with portobello mushrooms which I do like).  This dislike of black beans kept me from Neo Burrito despite my husband’s pleas, and I now regret my recalcitrance.

For Dining Out for Life this year, my husband insisted that we stay south plus we needed a kid friendly place.  I caved in light of his persistence and logistics, and we headed over to Neo Burrito in Biltmore Park.  I loved all the vines inside the restaurant, and LB loved the fish tank.  The seating is really cramped inside so I recommended choosing a patio seat.

For my meal I ordered poorly by choosing the Smiling Hara burrito without rice and beans because I assumed the beans and rice would be mixed; they are not so next time I’ll get the rice or get a tempeh taco for about half the price.  Don’t get me wrong, the food was good, but it wasn’t a cost effective choice.  I was confused because based on the menu I didn’t expect to watch my food being made so next time I’ll know it is more of a build your own operation.  LB loved her kid quesadilla, and it was enough to feed her (great bonus since it was a sweet $2.25).  They have a salsa bar, and you serve your own drinks and bus your own table.  I love seeing the compost, recycle, and landfill bins!

They had plenty of bottled beers to choose from along with some taps; it is great to live in a city with plenty of microbrews to choose.  My friend says be sure t try the baked goods beside the register, and another suggests their ten cent beer nights.
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