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The Square Root

Posted by eemilla on May 10, 2013

I’ve been to the original location in Brevard a few times, so when I needed to find a bit to eat on a Sunday in Hendersonville The Square Root seemed like a good choice.  I ordered a Munich Dunkel from Brevard Brewing Company, which was right up my alley for a spring day (not too heavy or sweet or hoppy), and the eggs florentine as nothing else really jumped out.  LB had a kids pizza with a side of fruit along with most of the fruit that came with my benedict. The pizza was cheap enough, but it was heavily sauced and extra messy.  My eggs were nicely cooked, and the portion was standard.  I am not a fan of biscuits in lieu of an english muffin; the hollandaise has enough buttery goodness for the dish without adding a biscuit.  One of our party ordered hard poached eggs, and they were served on the soft side of medium.  The service was fine until our server disappeared at the end of our meal; I was able to walk a block and back to change a diaper before we finally asked the hostess for our check.  If I’m back in Hendersonville on a Sunday and West First Wood Fired Pizza remains closed on Sundays, I’ll be likely to return to The Square Root.


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