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R Thomas Deluxe Grill

Posted by eemilla on May 9, 2013

On a recent visit to Atlanta, I ate lunch at R Thomas Deluxe Grill; it was a windy and cold day so it was surprising to see several birds caged up outside along one wall near the entrance.  The interior is cramped and funky (or kitschy depending on your taste), and we had to wait queued up in a space near the kitchen.  We were sat within the enclosed patio, and it was drafty when the wind gusted and comfortable otherwise.  The vegetarian selections aren’t bad (0r exciting), and they serve all day breakfast in addition to being open 24 hours.

I decided on the lemon-herb pasta which was not a good choice for me as it was super cheesy and heavy; the portion and price were typical for any restaurant.  My grandmother ordered the veggie burger, and it was massive; however she was charged $1.50 each for the tomato and onion.  She also requested mustard which never arrived so I don’t know if that would’ve been an additional charge too.  On the whole our service was fine, and the food was okay.  On the bright side, they do validate!

Our trip to the High Art Museum to see Frieda y Diego was definitely the best part of our trip.


R. Thomas Deluxe Grill on Urbanspoon


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