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Piazza redux

Posted by eemilla on May 9, 2013

Dining out with my family is difficult between everyone’s different tastes and expectations so frequently we end up at some chain (e.g. Outback, Carabarras, Brixx) which in the best case makes me feel guilty for not supporting a local restaurant and in the worse case leaves me feeling ripped off at the mediocre food or service or both. Eating on Sunday poses additional challenges as my mom refuses to eat anywhere that serves only brunch.  Now that I have broken up with Nona Mia, I suggested Piazza on a recent outing, and as far I can tell it was a winner.  I split a large salad with my mom, and at $8 it is a steal as it easily could’ve worked as a four person starter.  My complaint is that it was labeled a caesar, but the dressing tasted like a nice vinaigrette.  The Sunday we visited they had a deal of buy one pizza get the second half off so I went with the fungi and the margherita for LB.  These are generously topped wood fired pizzas so they are quiet filling especially if you’ve eaten half or more of a huge salad.  The fungi was seasoned with rosemary to give it a bit of a twist, and eating so many mushroom dishes when I eat out it was nice.  The Greek wedding that my mom and brother shared looked delicious (and generously topped) too.  Much to my delight I was able to order the tiramisu for dessert unlike my first visit; it was good, and it was right at $5.  Our service was attentive, and I look forward to returning.


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