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Swiss Buttercream, you’ve broken my heart one too many times.

Posted by eemilla on February 21, 2013

Spurred by memories of my honey’s delicious homemade coconut cake last year as well as Short Street Cakes’ delightful version, I caved to impulse and purchased some coconuts at the Coop a few months back.

I used Alton Brown’s cake recipe which my husband did so well with, and Smitten Kitchen’s Swiss buttercream which I had previously done so well with.  This cake is crazy labor intensive, and it is really is a really special occasion cake (unless you just happen to love working your tail off in the kitchen for hour upon hour).  My husband tried the 7 Minute Frosting provided by Alton Brown, but it was an utter disaster so my Swiss Buttercream saved the day.  However, the two attempts since my first attempt have been hideously sweet and greasy.  Maybe one day I’ll get the courage to try it again.

coconut draining

peeled coconut

shredded coconut



coconut cake


2 Responses to “Swiss Buttercream, you’ve broken my heart one too many times.”

  1. arzainal said

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  2. blueridgebluecollargirl said

    Well, it certainly looks delicious to me! Seeing this reminds me of my Grandma, who had a farm in Greensboro, NC. She was famous for the coconut cakes (with fresh coconut like yours) she sold at the Greensboro Curb Market. I actually don’t remember her coconut cakes, but I do remember her incredible biscuits (with butter she churned herself) and her persimmon pudding. Yum.

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