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Posted by eemilla on December 16, 2012

In order to introduce LB to some family members we haven’t seen since the baby shower, we drove down the road and decided to continue south to Savannah to enjoy their food scene and parks.  The squares and walking were lovely, and we enjoyed Tybee Island enough to return for a second day.  My husband and I would like to return for another visit to check out a few of the sites we missed, and I’m sure LB would like to return to the beach for more sand castle construction.

Savannah originally had 24 squares, and we set out to see those remaining.  New Orleans Square was my favorite with the its pretty green and white fountain although Washington Square’s green and burgundy plantings were quite pretty as well.  The Columbia Square fountain is pretty too, and Troup Square has my favorite sculpture followed closely by Wright Square.  Ellis and Crawford Squares have been paved with one being a market and the latter being a basketball court, and Elbert Square was erased from the map long ago.  Reynolds’ bricks reminded me of NC State.  Lafayette Square has a taller fountain than Columbia, but The Cathedral of St John the Baptist steals the spotlight.

The Telfair Academy has a steep admission of $12 per person for its small collection (especially considering the third floor space was closed), and they don’t allow any photography in the building (we had a guard follow us throughout our visit); we upgraded to the $20 per person pass so we could also see the Owen-Thomas house and gardens and the Jepson Museum as well.  Unfortunately between running out of time (the Owen-Thomas house closes at 4:30), being too tired after the sun and sand at the beach, and forgetting the passes at the condo we never got around to the other museums.

We rented a condo a few blocks south of the historic district and a few blocks west of Forsyth Park, and it was a great location with a full kitchen and a washer and dryer.  Although there was a patio, after walking around all day I had no desire to leave the sanctuary of the air conditioning.  We were skeptical about the on street parking, but as we only moved the car for our Tybee Island visits and the street cleaning, parking wasn’t an issue.

Forsyth Park trees

Forsyth Park trees

Forsyth Park Fountain

Forsyth Park FountainOrleans Square fountain

Washington Square
Washington Square

Columbia Square fountain

Columbia Square

Troupe Square

Troupe Square

Wright Square

Wright Square


One Response to “Savannah”

  1. blueridgebluecollargirl said

    We rarely go southward, so it was fun to read about your trip…thank you for sharing it. I’ve never been to Savannah, so was intrigued by the fact that it had 24 squares. It’s really neat that you got out and walked the city…I think that’s the best way to really “see” a place.

    Happy New Year to you and those you love!

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