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Carl Sandburg visit

Posted by eemilla on October 30, 2012

One of my cousins mentioned that the Carl Sandburg Home was free to visit the grounds and the goats, and her girls had a nice time there.  As her youngest daughter is several months older than LB, I thought we might give it a visit.  We took my mom along as I figured she would enjoy a visit to the house (being the history lover that she is).  The day was warm but overcast, and the our tour of the grounds and the goats took longer than I had planned which meant the LB was pretty horribly grumpy near the end of our trip.  The trek from the parking lot afforded a nice view of the lake and the house, and it was shaded with benches for pondering the sights.


Carl Sandburg home


I had read about the Glassy Mountain trail on the website, but I hadn’t really thought about making taking the hike.  After we walked to the barn and checked out the goats and the garden, we decided to continue our adventure.  The trail is pretty smooth, but it does climb.  Once it widens out and becomes gravelled, there was a respite bench or two.  As I was wearing LB (and we were both sweaty) we took the opportunity to pause at one of the benches.  Mom and I were a bit worried that we had overestimated our vigor, but then again we hated to turn back before enjoying the overlook.  While the cloudy day wasn’t the best day to view the overlook, it was still a refreshing stop.

Glassy Mtn overlook

Glassy Mountain overlook

We wrapped up our day at West First Wood Fired Pizza.

West First Wood Fired Pizza's oven


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