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Victory Garden Weeks Nine to Fourteen

Posted by eemilla on October 29, 2012

Around week nine (which was early August) we began harvesting the riesentraube tomatoes (cherry), and they were great for caprese salads although their skin seems a bit tough to be my absolute favorite, and they were no where near as delectable as the cherry tomatoes we grew in our shared victory garden.  I failed to take a decent photo of a harvested one even though both plants were prolific even after they were neglected for several days.



week eleven riesentraubes


The stalks of one of the riesentraubes sprouted these weird growth, but it’s productivity seemed unimpaired.

what is this


Contrary to my expectations, I loved the brandywines much better.  We were finally able to harvest them in early September after weeks of watching them grow.  They were so large I expected to find them on the ground each time I went to check on them.

week nine brandywines



blighted brandywine


week fourteen brandywines




















One Response to “Victory Garden Weeks Nine to Fourteen”

  1. blueridgebluecollargirl said

    Hooray for Victory Gardens! Those Brandywines are gorgeous—hope they tasted as good as they looked. We were very, very pleased to have squash casserole tonight with fresh summer squash from our garden. In almost-November! This extended warmth has been lovely, though I guess it’s over now. 😦

    Very happy to see you back blogging!

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