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Cafe Azalea

Posted by eemilla on July 26, 2012

Due to a work meeting I was not able to enjoy lunch with my LB, but I did have one of the first meals in a long time alone.  I was in East Asheville I decided to try Cafe Azalea which is tucked into a strip mall off Tunnel Rd near it’s Swannanoa River Rd intersection.  As the name cafe implies everything here is diminutive from the parking lot, to the menu, and to the space itself.  The vegetarian options were limited to salads and an entree; I opted for the shiitake mushroom with pasta and goat cheese in a white wine sauce dish.

The portion was fine, although my dish had very few of the highlighted shiitakes, and I tasted rather than spotted the goat cheese.  The noodles and sauce were cooked well.  My service was friendly and prompt as I arrived for an early lunch and sat at the bar.  My good sized chunk of bread pudding felt more like breakfast than dessert, and it was quite hot on the top but cold in the center.  On tap they had four beers (three local and one NC), and I didn’t look at their wine list.

I am not frequently in East Asheville to eat anything other than ice cream so it is unlikely that I will drive out of my way to revisit Cafe Azalea.

Cafe Azalea on Urbanspoon


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