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West First Wood Fired Pizza

Posted by eemilla on July 23, 2012

Back in March or April I had a meeting in Hendersonville so I had my husband and LB meet me so we could try lunch at West First Wood Fired Pizza, I ordered something and my husband ordered something else with a beer; I remember we both enjoyed our meals, and the price and portions were nice.  The interior was funky and modern (the oven is so pretty), with a stairway that I was terrified of falling down.  Our service was nice and fast for a busy lunch, and I wanted to go back to try some of their desserts.  It took a few months, but we did eventually get back to Hendersonville.  For some reason we opted for a Friday night dinner with a teething one year old; as it was Friday around 7 we did end up waiting for thirty minutes or so, and their foyer is a tight fit with more than a few people waiting.  Please note that out of respect for staff and our fellow diners we do keep LB quite with toys, food, or outdoor strolls.

As LB was hungry, and she had drilled the grapes we had packed for her while we waited we ordered the trio bread plate (hummus, sun dried tomato tapenade, and roasted garlic cloves).  The portion was good to share with hearty chunks of bread and enough of each of the complements.  We both ordered a pizza; while I typically feel that the wood fired pizzas are overpriced, I was satisfied with the toppings on mine.  My honey ordered a salmon pie, and I had a campari (although I have no recollection of what is on it).  While our service was noticeably slower than the busy lunch, we never felt neglected; such is the cost of dining out on Friday night during prime dining hour.

I did not make it to dessert again as I had gone by their bakery in Fletcher (at St John and Hendersonville Rd) in search of their key lime pie which I’ve heard raves about; they did not have it that day so I placated myself with a chocolate cupcake that was disappointing based on my love of Short Street Cakes and the delicious in spite of being ridiculously over-frosted cupcakes from my cousin’s wedding.  I couldn’t order their key lime pie as my awesome husband had made me one a few days ago, so I guess another trip in is order.  As for their beer list, I only recall it listing a couple of local brews, and I don’t recall it being nearly as extensive as the online one.

On a final note: Although it was a Friday night at prime dining hour, we were able to park on Main St a few blocks from West First.
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