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Fun with Fusion

Posted by eemilla on November 13, 2011

My love for fried potatoes has been mentioned before but rather than bother with making dough for samosas, I decided to make latkes and add some frozen peas then serve with red lentil/masoor dal for a quick and easy dinner.

For the dal, I diced the leftover latke onion and cooked it over medium high with a bit of sunflower oil; I then added some diced garlic and ginger.

cooking onions, garlic, and ginger plus spices

After that had cooked a few minutes I toasted some cumin, coriander, and methi/fenugreek seeds in the center of the pan then I stirred in the picked over lentils and allowed them to cook for a minute or two.

red lentils

Once everything was smelling tasty I added enough stock to cover the lentils and allowed to cook about ten minutes until the stock was absorbed.  I added maybe half a cup of water then allowed them to cook another five to ten followed by one more half cup or so of water and a final five minutes so that they were thoroughly cooked.

cooked red lentils

I finished by removing the dal from the heat and pureeing it with my immersion blender.  While the dal was cooking, I shredded the potatoes and half a large onion then beat an egg and combined the veggies with the flour and egg and salt.

latke batter with peas

Then I put a fried a heaping tablespoon worth of batter in a thin layer of oil in my cast iron skillet.  We ate these hot with hot dal, and they fulfilled my craving for samosas and fried potatoes.

dal and latkes


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