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Posted by eemilla on June 12, 2011

My hormones are at an all time high, and I am angry so I’m hopping on my soapbox.

Freshman NC Representative Tim Moffitt is unfortunately my elected official, and I must say that for a Republican he doesn’t seem very interested in limiting the size of government or simply keeping government more locally controlled.  He has pushed through a bill, HB471, that will make Buncombe County voters elect commissioners from a district rather than elect all five; the same bill increases the number of commissioners from five to seven.  Even the Asheville Citizen Times was against this move, and it was decided unilaterally without any voter consent.

Representative Moffitt would also like the city to cede ownership of the airport and water system to more regional control; the water system bill, HB925, was changed in response to public outcry to simply study whether ownership should change or not.  The airport bill, HB552, has broader support according to Mountain Express, but it doesn’t provide any compensation to the City of Asheville for the airport.

My rant initiated with notice of Mr Moffitt’s vote on HB854, which is innocently entitled, Women’s Right to Know Act.  This act would require a woman seeking an abortion to watch an ultrasound, listen to the heartbeat, and wait 24 hours before being able to obtain an abortion.  She will also be made aware of state support available, but to my knowledge no one has put forward a bill to increase the state’s funding for Medicaid.  It incenses me that Representative Moffitt and the sponsors of this bill would think that a woman would decide to have an abortion on a whim, and if they believe that then why would they expect that she would be capable of properly caring of herself and the baby while pregnant or afterwards.

Everyone wants to see a reduction in abortions, but I don’t want to see it at the expense of a child being brought into a dangerous situation.  Every single child born should be a wanted child; putting up a twenty-four barrier to a difficult decision isn’t going to help have more wanted children, but it could increase the number of children born to unprepared and ill equipped people.  The bill doesn’t provide any leeway for rape or incest victims, which is yet another instance of the system blaming the victim.

I’m sure Senator Tom Apodaca will also support this bill, but I do hope that Governor Purdue will veto it.  Please note this post was partially written with my newborn nestled against me in our super awesome wrap; my pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned, but my daughter is a wanted child.


One Response to “Rant”

  1. Beth said

    Congratulations…so happy to know that all is well! Welcome to the world, New Babygirl! And welcome to Parenthood—the most challenging and rewarding job on earth. 🙂

    And a big boo to Mr. Moffitt—here’s hoping Governor Purdue will veto.

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