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Posted by eemilla on March 3, 2011

Our most recent dining out experience was at Posana, and overall our experience left much to be desired; although for some reason I cannot say that I would not return.  The interior is nice and swanky, but the tables are packed in very tightly.  They have a large banquette along the wall adjacent to the patio, and then they have four or five two tops opposite that abut against a half wall which creates a divide between the tables and the bar.  I know I’m a bit wider than normal, but I found it difficult to pass by without brushing either the tables on one side or the chairs for the banquette tables on the other side.  There are also several four top tables in the windows facing Biltmore/Broadway as well as plenty of seating at their gorgeous bar.  The proximity of the tables combined with the noise of the bar made private conversation a bit difficult, and at one point we weren’t able to hear each other at all as the server at the table to our left proclaimed the specials menu.  Our server simply pointed out the specials menu tucked into the regular menu and noted the correction that the pork special was replaced with lamb.

On other points of service, our server was woefully negligent.  We both ordered water to begin and my husband ordered a beer, while she was obtaining the water I perused their non-alcoholic drinks menu and decided on a ginger ale.  However, I was not able to detain our server long enough when she dropped our waters to place the order, even after two ma’ams and making eye contact with her.  She did stop at the neighboring table where they requested their check, so I decided to forgo the soda.  She returned to take our food order (the bartender brought my husband’s beer), but apparently it wasn’t enough to be worthy of her time as she came back to our table twice after that.  Once she dutifully inquired as to how our entrees were and promised to refill both of our almost empty waters, and the second time she picked up my credit card (which means that our waters were never refilled).  For a restaurant with an atmosphere and prices like Posana, I expect better service; even if our server is busy with other tables they should have more support staff, like food runners and busers, to refill water and pre-bus and handle general inquiries.

The vegetarian options were skimp throughout the menu; the appetizers contained a cheese plate along with the obligatory squash and zucchini appetizer.  The salads of course represent better, but only two were options for a pregnant woman with only one being appetizing for me.  Neither the dinner specials nor the entree menu had a single vegetarian option, and the small plate options were again composed of the obligatory zucchini and squash and mushrooms.  However, my mushroom gnocchi plate was tasty and a moderate portion, if fairly uninspired.  What was most surprising about our meal was my small plate portion was the same size as my husband’s entree portion.  His cost $19 while mine was $12, and yes his did have shrimp albeit a light topping of rock shrimp.  Additionally, for a restaurant that advertises and promotes their local sourcing, I wonder where the asparagus in my husband’s entree came from at this time of year?

I liked the look of the place, but the menu doesn’t contain much that would impel me to return, especially since I have no major gluten allergy.  For some reason I still cannot say that I wouldn’t return; they do have a patio across from Pack Square which might be nice in warm weather to sip cocktails and people watch.


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