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Bouchon Street Food

Posted by eemilla on February 27, 2011

I enjoy eating at Bouchon, and much to my delight they opened a fast food option, Bouchon Street Food, a while ago.  We’ve stopped there to cure my craving for french fries and aioli, and now that they’ve moved into an enclosed space in the courtyard adjacent to Bouchon, I stopped in for lunch last week after a long shopping spree for maternity clothes.

I generally abhor soda, but I love Orangina because it isn’t so saccharine sweet so I savored my Orangina while I waited for my farm to table crepe with of course my beloved herbed frites and aioli.  I sat at the counter which was empty while the banquette that occupies almost the entire wall opposite the bar had a few couples.  A relatively steady flow of customers came in while I had lunch in the late afternoon, and one couple even ate on the patio (although the high was less than sixty that day).  My crepe was hearty much like the crepes served at dinner at Bouchon, and the frites were savory and crisp and hot.  I’d love some additional vegetarian options, but my farm to table was a good value for $6.  After smelling another patron’s fleur (simply delicious nutella) crepe, I also ordered one, which was again the same hefty size as my savory crepe, and served with a dollop of whipped cream.

Bouchon Street Food is open for lunch, but they also do early dinner during the week with a bit later dinner on the weekend; as Bouchon doesn’t take reservations (and they are frequently packed due to all you can eat mussel nights Monday through Wednesday), their sister restaurant might be available to cure your crepe craving.


2 Responses to “Bouchon Street Food”

  1. Beth said

    That sounds wonderful…and a bargain for six bucks. By the way, I’ve learned quite a lot about food from reading your posts. I hope I don’t sound too ignorant, but I didn’t know what aioli was, but now I do! (Googled it, of course).

  2. eemilla said

    It’s easier to spell than mayonnaise, and it is free of all the negative connotations I have about mayonnaise. I’m glad to expand your culinary vocabulary in return for your heartwarming and humorous posts!

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