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Standard Pizza Company

Posted by eemilla on June 14, 2010

Since opening earlier this year, I’ve been able to enjoy Standard Pizza Company’s pizza twice.  Their location on Haywood Rd near the intersection with State Street rewards walkers and bikers (bike racks are in residence) with its central location, but if you’re driving it might take some extra time to get in and out.  The interior and the menu are modern sparse, but I love their patio.  Lovely raised flower beds shield diners from the view of Haywood Rd, and the tables are nicely spaced and shaded with big umbrellas.

My favorite part of their pizza is the crust; it tastes almost like our homemade pizza dough with a nice balance of saltiness that perfectly soaks up the greasy, cheesy goodness.  Their marinara is too sweet to make me love it, but it is still good.  After ordering a couple of pies and watching friends order slices, the slices are the deal.  They are huge New York sized slices, and the toppings seem to more generously distributed compared to the pies.  As much as I love the crust, I also adore how much fresh garlic appears as a topping (and if you don’t feel it is enough, each table offers more dried garlic, cheese, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, and chopped herbs).  For beverages, they have self serve soda along with a respectable selection of beer (including a few taps).  Each time I’ve been the service has been fast and friendly.  Please do be advised (as the note on the counter also reminds), if you wish to tip with your credit card you need to do so before your card is ran.

Standard Pizza Company serves a full menu until 1am on Friday’s and Saturdays (and until 11pm every other day), and I can see future trips either before or after a night on the town.


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