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Fried Food

Posted by eemilla on April 22, 2010

I ate enough fried food growing up that I don’t generally cook it at home or crave it, but I’ve been on a bit of roll lately.  I fried up some latkes for two dinners within a week, and I continued the theme with everything I ate at Chai Pani last weekend.

Both my honey and I started with samosas; I had the samosas cholle because I love me some garbanzos.  I loved the tamarind  chutney and the minty raita over the samosas as well as the samosas themselves.  With some lightly dressed greens on the side, this appetizer would have made a nice summer main course (as one might expect for the most expensive appetizer on the menu).  I continued the fried theme for my main course with the vada pav sandwich (spiced potatoes and peas fried in a chickpea batter) served with a huge stack of shoe string potatoes and green chutney.  My husband had the vegetarian Thali plate featuring saag paneer; he loved the featured saag, and I favored the masoor dal.  Our service was friendly and fast, but the restaurant was steady, not busy, for a Saturday night.  I’m looking forward to visiting again when my taste buds aren’t screaming for chickpeas and potatoes, preferably fried.

Last weekend was generally awesome, thanks in part to dinner at Chai Pani, but it also started festival season.  We caught some of The Afromotive, plenty of hoopers, and Acoustic Syndicate at Asheville’s Earth Day festival and shared a few pitchers at Jack of the Wood before heading over to the Sky Bar to catch the sunset before dinner at Chai Pani.  While this weekend doesn’t hold any live music, Sierra’s mom is going to use Asheville Transit for the very first time if I buy a round the LAB.  Next weekend is the French Broad River Festival in which we’ll soak in the hot tub, eat pesto mozzadillas and $1 grilled cheese, drink lots of beer, and enjoy copious amounts of good music.  Even with the pollen, what’s not to love about spring in WNC?


2 Responses to “Fried Food”

  1. Beth said

    Your post made me hungry! I’m not familiar with most of the foods you mentioned, but they sound really good.

    Have fun at the French Broad River Festival! The music sounds fantastic and I know the hot tub’s going to be good. We just went to Hot Springs for the first time last weekend, and enjoyed it very much. So much to see…we’ll definitely have to return soon.

  2. […] on draft (Gaelic by the bottle).  While neither our food nor the service were outright bad, I feel Chai Pani offers much better food for much less money, and we both agreed that there is no reason to return to […]

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