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Two Spoons Returns

Posted by eemilla on April 7, 2010

Last Saturday we hit Two Spoons to enjoy our first ice cream of the season.  I heard a rumor that they were no longer serving Ultimate Ice Cream so I was slightly concerned, but I knew even if I didn’t love their new ice cream the homemade waffle cone would make it all good.  While my favorite KMA (Kaluha, mocha, and almond) was absent and the Black Mocha Stout had been replaced with Wedge Porter Cream, my second favorite, Ginger remained.  Although the menu bills it as Double Ginger, I feel like it isn’t as strongly ginger flavored as it was last year, and I know the chocolate-coffee combination I sampled was not as potent as the aforementioned KMA.  However, the waffle cone was awesome, and the ice cream was still creamy and delicious.  I combined the Wedge Porter Cream with Ginger while my lovely husband had Dulche de Leche and Butter Pecan.  Even if the flavors aren’t as over the top as I want them to be, Two Spoon serves superior ice cream in a really cute shop with an awesome staff.  Along with the supplier changes, they’ve added a website and created a menu that lists their entire stable of flavors; the menu boasts the availability of ice cream cakes and pies as well as being able to rent the space for birthday parties.


One Response to “Two Spoons Returns”

  1. Beth said

    Last Saturday was definitely a perfect day for ice cream! Seems like we went from winter to summer overnight. I’m glad the temperatures have moderated a bit. I’ve never heard of a place where they make their own cones. Very cool. Sounds like the cones are almost as good as the ice cream—we’ll have to check them out sometime.

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