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Do some laundry!

Posted by eemilla on January 10, 2010

Petsoup and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue lost their washing machine recently so they are asking for help with laundry.  If you can help them out, just drop by their shop at 31 Glendale Avenue in Biltmore and request a bag.  They’ve promised to sub out their least stinky laundry; the bag I got was definitely of the wet dog smell but nothing worse.  If you feel like your linen closet is overflowing, they could also use any extra linens you might have.  If donating in any of the above ways doesn’t ring your bell then consider working an adoption day or spending time with the shelter dogs.

On a more selfish note, I’m so stoked to go skiing tomorrow, and although I haven’t enjoyed Southeast skiing since I skied the 2010 Olympics courses at  Whistler-Blackcomb, I just know I’m going to have a great time tomorrow.  Here’s a picture of my husband (I obtained consent before posting) as we paused while completing either the men’s or women’s Super G course (aka the Dave Murray Downhill; to see the course on the map click on advanced and the course is the trail that runs from the middle left of Whistler Mountain into Creekside).

I am thankful for snow and winter (and the man who taught me to ski).


2 Responses to “Do some laundry!”

  1. Beth said

    Your husband sure is cute! Hope you had fun skiing. I’m afraid, at this point, I can’t say I love snow, but at least I can still appreciate its beauty. 🙂 But I still can’t wait for spring.

  2. eemilla said

    I need all four seasons so that I can appreciate the beauty of each one. The skiing was some of the best Southeast skiing we’ve had in a long time!

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