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Fennel Onion Tart

Posted by eemilla on January 9, 2010

SmittenKitchen gave me the perfect tart recipe because I had everything aside from enough fennel seeds on hand; the onion tart with fennel and mustard was so easy to throw together the morning before Christmas lunch, and I think it’s going to be my 2010 party recipe.  I did heap on more fennel seeds (a tablespoon plus) and cheese (emmentaler in lieu of parmesan) than the recipe called for, although the increased cheese was inadvertent and disappointing the increased fennel seeds were not.  I also thinned out the mustard with a tablespoon of stock because I was using the hellishly hot Lusty Monk mustard.  The final product provided just a hint of the mustard’s bite, and the fennel provided a sweetish counterpoint.


2 Responses to “Fennel Onion Tart”

  1. forthrightfattie said

    Oh YUM.

  2. Beth said

    Mmmm…that looks tasty!

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