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Posted by eemilla on December 31, 2009


Back in October, I thought Hendersonville Epicurean had stated their second location was already open so when I heard the hostess/cashier talking to the applicant I assumed a third location was in the works.  Thanks to Hendersonville Epicurean for inquiring!  Also in good news for those further south, Mike Iannucci is keeping his fingers crossed for an opening very soon.

After Thirsty Monk suggested that I try the tiramisu at Iannucci’s, I put them back on the radar.  I work within walking distance of the flagship location (a second location recently opened in Hendersonville, and it sounded like they may be opening a third location locally), albeit it dangerous with almost no sidewalks walking distance; however, I was without a book so I ran to the library and grabbed something to read with lunch.  The two servers were sharing hostess, buser, and cashier duties (when I worked there earlier in the decade Sundays meant servers also shared dishwashing duties), and I was sat in a roomy booth far from the door; although I should note their foyer provides a buffer to those tables close to the door and appears to offer overflow seating as well.  Being on my lunch break I didn’t really peruse their alcohol list, but if memory serves they have cheap domestic drafts (Killians is the only one I would drink).  I stuck with water, and I ordered the sesame breadsticks with marinara.  I received butter instead, and I don’t recall if I was charged for the sauce or not.  I have been secretly craving sesame encrusted bread; I don’t think the craving will resurface anytime soon, and if it does I don’t think I count on Iannucci’s to cure it.  For my lunch proper, I ordered the eggplant sub, but frankly the menu should read stromboli not sub.  I expected a hoagie roll with eggplant and cheese and possibly some greasy, nasty bagged potato chips and a pickle.  For $6.25 I received a huge stromboli full of thinly sliced and breaded eggplant and cheese and marinara.  If I had paid a bit of attention I’m certain I could’ve made three light meals out of it (I ate my small leftover portion later in the week and was quite satiated even without the assistance of breadsticks and dessert).  As the tiramisu was the impetus for this visit I had to try it, and I ordered a cannoli for my coworker.  I didn’t try the cannoli, but it was rather large and served with slivered almonds; she rated it higher than the Fresh Market’s version.  My tiramisu was fine, but it wasn’t anything special; with its $3.50 price tag, though, I can imagine it will work just fine for meeting my tiramisu needs until I make my own perfect one.

The service was attentive (aside from the missing sauce), and I was actually quite impressed until the cashier (who ended up being the server who hadn’t waited on me) spent several minutes talking to a job applicant after she had started to ring me up.  It wasn’t terribly busy, but they had a flow with many customers seeming to be regulars.

Iannuci’s doesn’t make me nearly as happy as Nona Mia, but its prices and proximity are perfect.


2 Responses to “Iannucci’s”

  1. Laura said


    Curious about a possible third location??? Any idea where?

  2. […] have any leftovers to eat for lunch and my honey needs the car is to walk  the almost half mile to Iannuci’s, but sometimes a girl needs to splurge use public transportation.  Although I ended up rushing […]

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