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How Many Light Bulbs Do You Need?

Posted by eemilla on November 14, 2009

For this week’s Change the World challenge please remove a light bulb from a fixture with multiple bulbs.  For example, in our ceiling fans we have one out of three sockets filled (with compact fluorescents of course).  At work I am fortunate enough to have a south facing window, so on sunny days I don’t use my overhead light.  If you’re up to it, join the challenge and spread the word; for more ideas check out the honor roll.



One Response to “How Many Light Bulbs Do You Need?”

  1. Beth said

    Great idea! We do that in our bathroom. Each sink has four lights over it, so we simply loosen (until it goes out) all but one of the bulbs. Then when that bulb burns out, we just tighten another until it comes on. During the day, we don’t have to use lights at all because we’re lucky enough to have lots of windows and a southern exposure.

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