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Ophelia’s World Cafe

Posted by eemilla on October 25, 2009

Although I’ve seen the ad in the paper and over at Ashvegas, I somehow still managed to forget about the free Just Because Your Asheville concert.  So rather than promptly do the grocery shopping after yoga, I decided to eat lunch at Ophelia’s World Cafe on Eagle Street so I could catch Larry Keel.  This location used to be Bearly Edible, which also does a great festival stand with $1 grilled cheese and the pricier (but still cheap and greasy and good) pesto mozzadillas.  Even though Ophelia’s google listing still references BE, my server informed me they were most certainly no longer affiliated.  Everything on the menu seemed simple to prepare like food one might expect from a food stand, and the lunch menu was a scant page.  I decided on the roasted eggplant quesadilla and tempeh with a side salad over the either of Middle Eastern plates (both with hummus, baba gangouj, and tablouleh with pita and crudites and the more expensive one offering falafel as well).  My salad was a yummy little spring mix with carrots, onion, and raw peppers (green and red) then lightly dressed with their shallot vinaigrette, and my quesadilla was filled with chunks of tempeh, tiny cubes of eggplant, cooked onions and peppers, fresh mozzarella, and pesto in a plain flour shell.  The beer list is good for a small restaurant by most standards, but by Asheville standards it is weak.  The list was fifteen or so deep and consisted of three Abitas, two Sierra Nevadas, two pumpkin beers, and three”local” beers in Gaelic, Cottonwood Pumpkin (of which they were out), and Duck Rabbit Milk Stout.  I thought they had draft beer, but the menu doesn’t denote bottle or draft.  After my initial annoyance at being told to sit wherever then being moved twice, the service was good.  I ate late in the afternoon, being the second to last table before they closed for the dinner shift , and my server neither hovered or ignored me.  I was also impressed with their toilet; it has a button for half flush or full flush.


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