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Buns from the oven

Posted by eemilla on August 30, 2009

I’m not someone who has to cook everything from scratch, but I am demanding about my food so if I cannot find an easier substitute then I will make it myself.  Thanks to SmittenKitchen for this lovely light brioche bun recipe.  Although I don’t make many baked goods without subbing out some of the bread or all purpose flour with wheat flour; here though, I only traded 1/4 cup of bread flour out for the whole wheat in order to keep the light in the recipe.  As a result they turned out just like the buns I was buying from a local bakery until they started selling defrosted (and as a result deflated) hoagies.  We used them for phillies, and next time I think I will stretch them out into hoagie rolls.  I will also likely trade another quarter cup of bread for wheat flour.


4 Responses to “Buns from the oven”

  1. Cool blog, I came here from SF’s link. I have added you to my Blogger’s Cafe under Green Blogs.

    Good luck, keep up the fight.


  2. lola said

    those look really good!

  3. forthrightfattie said

    Love Smitten Kitchen! But a question–what’s a phillie?

  4. eemilla said

    In my vernacular, a philly or phillies (did I plurual it wrong?) is cheesesteak sandwich; although we don’t do the meat any longer, and the cheese is sometimes missing too. I’ve never been to Philly, but cheesesteak sandwiches were a childhood staple that I couldn’t part with when I stopped eating meat. We tried tofu which was okay, but seitan has much better flavor and texture for phillies.

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