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Clean and Green

Posted by eemilla on August 19, 2009

I have successfully procrastinated cleaning the bathroom for three days now!  One of the reasons I hate cleaning the bathroom is that I haven’t greened up with the cleaning products.  I have stopped using paper towels for most cleaning, and I now have a nice collection of rags and dog towels.  However, I still use chemical surface cleaners, even as I soak the shower curtain in the washer with vinegar and use old newspaper to clean the mirror.  Small Footprints from Reduce Footprints is challenging everyone to green up the cleaning routine.  Over the past year, many a green cleaning tip has appeared, and this week there are some handy links for homemade green cleaners.

My favorites is one my mom used: vinegar water in a spray bottle for glass cleaner.  My husband worked in a restaurant that cleaned their bathroom mirror with old newspaper, and I love that one too!  I have used baking soda in lieu of abrasive powders, but it isn’t something that has turned into a habit yet.  I guess I cannot procrastinate any longer so later today I will employing some of the suggestions along with plenty of elbow grease.


3 Responses to “Clean and Green”

  1. Beth said

    My mama also used vinegar for cleaning windows. In fact, she used vinegar for lots of things. She used it on our hair (and hers) after shampooing to make it shiny and used it to soothe a bad sunburn. Of course, we sometimes smelled…ummm…sort of pickled. But it really worked.

  2. Shari said

    I’m like Beth, I use vinegar for everything. I even have added hydrogen peroxide to it as it helps kill germs.

    Thanks for the post and I have linked to your site.

  3. forthrightfattie said

    I swear by using newspapers to clean glass. Everything else I’ve ever tried (paper towels, cloth towels) leaves fibers behind, but not newspapers. Now if only I can get my husband to stop throwing them away before I get to them. (We don’t have a subscription, just get a circular once a week or so.)

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