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The Sky Bar!

Posted by eemilla on August 1, 2009

Finally after many a failed attempt (Sorry we’re at capacity), we made a first visit to The Sky Bar last year right before they closed for the season.  We knew the bartender, so the drinks were great and the service was prompt.  Our most recent visit didn’t give us the same personalized service, but hey what can one expect on Bele Chere weekend?  There is no food, just drinks and the skyline.  If the top tier is crowded, there are two more below; however, the better service is on the top tier as it is closest to the bar, and each tier is a different section so you might be asked to transfer your tab if you move down a tier for a table (the top tier is table free for maximum gazing and snap shooting).  The views are great, and this time I had my camera (but I was also a few drinks in so this is really the only one I like).

View from the Sky Bar

Why oh why don’t we have more roof top bars or restaurants (a number of other buildings have better views)?  As a pittance for being such a stain on our skyline, BB&T needs to sponsor a wonderful restauranteur to open another restaurant up there.  The drinks should be good without the Grove Park price tag, and the food should be something other than boring, overpriced steaks (again avoid the Grove Park).  With the Asheville city primary fast approaching, I hope one of the candidates (Mr. Miller this is your specialty, right?) will bring this important issue to the forefront!


One Response to “The Sky Bar!”

  1. Beth said

    That is a lovely picture. Since we can see the Asheville skyline eleven miles away at our house, I’ve always wanted to climb to the top of one of the downtown buildings on a really clear day to see if I could see our little hilltop house. Maybe I’ll have to pay a visit to the Sky Bar!

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