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Blue Mountain Pizza

Posted by eemilla on July 18, 2009

After much pushing from my mom and youngest brother, we finally stopped into Blue Mountain Pizza last week on our way back from lovely Hot Springs.  I always wake up early when camping, but I woke earlier than usual thanks to a morning shower so we arrived in Weaverville just after 11 am.  We were the only table in the place until fifteen or so before noon, but the kitchen wasn’t ready to be open.  My salad and the husband’s bruschetta took about thirty minutes to arrive, and by the time the two pizzas arrived we could order beer.  I was impressed with their draft beer selection, but I can only recall two of them at this point: Pisgah Pale and Bell’s Oberon.  Although I saw the server pour beer from the Bell’s handle, our beer decidedly did not taste like a wheat beer.  Either the lines were crossed with the Pale; they were dirty; or some other table got our Oberon (around noon a bunch of cyclists arrived along with a church group).  At this point it didn’t seem worth bothering our server with the beer as we were both ready to get home and unload all the camping stuff.

My Greek salad was good; I love that they use spinach rather than lettuce.  The bruschetta was fine, covered with loads of tomatoes on thick bread.  I created my own pie with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and artichoke hearts; the toppings were generous and enjoyable, but the crust tasted like something you might expect from a box or the frozen food section.  It wasn’t thin enough to hide behind the flavor of the toppings, and it just did nothing for the pie.  My honey enjoyed The Boss (extra cheese, onions, pepperoni, and jalapeños), and believe me extra cheese means extra cheese.

We ate our leftovers for dinner as neither of us had the inclination to cook, but the next day we were both clutching our stomaches and damning Blue Mountain Pizza.  He has vowed never to return, so I don’t believe we will be returning for their family pasta night or any of the nightly live music.  If the crust hadn’t ruined our pies and we hadn’t gotten sick, I would say a return trip might be in order in the future, but for now we’ll stick to making it at home.

Blue Mountain PizzaBlue Mountain dining roomBlue Mountain bruschettaBlue Mountain Greek Salad


One Response to “Blue Mountain Pizza”

  1. Beth said

    Oh, no…that’s terrible that you got sick. You really should report that to both Blue Mountain Pizza and maybe the health department. That’s pretty alarming. Hope all is well now with your digestive systems.

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