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Brixx: A Second Look

Posted by eemilla on July 17, 2009

I think we’ve been to Brixx three or four more times since our first less than spectacular visit.  On the most recent visit, I realized why Brixx is awesome.  The after ten bogo special for pizza and appetizers makes their prices right in line with those other late night pizza chains, but Brixx is far and away superior.  The whole wheat crust was not enjoyable, and I still find their white crust salted with a heavy hand.  The arugula still comes on top of the cheese after the pie leaves the oven, but it is the price one pays to be lazy.  Even as flawed as they are, those other places just cannot compete for taste or filling.

For our recent visits my honey has ordered the rustica, shrimp, and Mexican pies; the shrimp was overcooked, but it was a fair portion.  His favorite has been the Mexican although de-seeded jalapeños would be a treat.  I have yet to dry the pear and walnut pie, but I am satisfied with the margherita, wild mushroom, and artichoke pies.  We have yet to dine in or venture into the pasta or sandwiches, but the servers from the nearby restaurants seem to be doing their part to keep South Asheville’s only late night dining open late.

Brixx Artichoke Pie

Wild Mushroom Pie


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