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Change the World Wednesday Challenge from ReduceFootprints

Posted by eemilla on June 25, 2009

This week the challenge is to be a locavore for at least three (or one full day if you eat min meals) of the twenty plus meals that make up your dining week.  In this town many a restaurant makes it easy; Laughing Seed Cafe has a farm that they source many things from, and many other restaurants either do the same or use local farmers.  Even though my fair city makes it much easier than other places, it is summer, and I love mangoes, which don’t grow in zone 7.  I am embarrassed to say that I don’t know exactly what is in season throughout the year, but thankfully, Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project has a friendly chart for the area.

Many a critic of eating local will argue that it is too expensive, and I agree that it can be pricey; however, the trick is to grow it yourself or make friends with someone who does.  My co-worker rents, and she still grows zucchini, red peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, basil, parsley all in containers.  Although this year some unexpected family emergencies gave us a pass on planting our victory (against corporate agriculture) garden, we have big plans for next year.  Alternatively Community Supported Agriculture shares are a great thought for those without the time or the inclination to grow their own vegetables (or the space to raise chickens, cows, goats, etc).

I will post some photos of our local meal, as its content will depend on what Mom has ready for harvest and what the Coop has in stock.


3 Responses to “Change the World Wednesday Challenge from ReduceFootprints”

  1. Beth said

    We got our garden in late this year, but should have stuff start coming in in mid-July (along with peaches from our little tree). Meanwhile, we still have a bit of last year’s harvest in our freezer…and there’s always neighbors who weren’t garden slackers like us! 🙂

  2. Asheville is a great area for eating local … not only are there all kinds of tailgate markets, roadside stands and CSAs … we have wonderful people who are willing to share.

    I’m curious … for your totally local day, did you have any trouble compensating for spices, salt, pepper, oils, grains, etc. which aren’t grown locally?

    Thanks for taking the challenge!

    Small Footprints

  3. eemilla said

    I completely underestimated the challenge, and when I sat down to write the meal plan I was overwhelmed by how many items wouldn’t fit the local definition. I also wasn’t ready to commit to changing my shopping habits as I thought shopping at the local co-op was good enough. I appreciate the insight I gained from your challenge!

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