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Do state legislators really deserve free healthcare?

Posted by eemilla on June 13, 2009

With the budget crisis looming for counties, cities, and states across the country, cuts are being proposed to mental health services and education among other things.  To their credit they did cut their own pay just like the state employees down the chain, but in the middle of this crisis our state legislators are wasting time with bills to amend our state’s constitution to deny rights.  

As healthcare isn’t that important for the weakest members of society, I bet the state legislator’s could save much more money by cutting their own health insurance.  Most of them are older and are probably prescribed a plethora of pharmies, which as well all know (especially those without health coverage or with only basic major medical coverage) cost a lot. Additionally, being a state legislator isn’t even a full time job, and how many of their constituents have health coverage working either a full or part time job?  I have never worked a part time (or even a full time job) in which my health care was provided free of charge.  Even if one does have health coverage, it certainly isn’t free, and I would wager one month’s premiums that it isn’t as good as what the legislators provide for themselves.

I’ll be sending this to my elected officials, and I hope you will join me.  I will also bring them to task for wasting time on a stupid Constitutional amendment to deny citizens’ rights and trying to break down the proud tradition of the separation of church and state.


2 Responses to “Do state legislators really deserve free healthcare?”

  1. Beth said

    Our health insurance premiums just went up sharply and our deductibles and co-payments were doubled. We really can’t afford it, but I’m so afraid to drop it, especially after what happened to us the past two weeks. I do hope and pray that President Obama will be able to make a real change in the state of health care and access to it in this country. It’s going to take something radical to really make a difference, and I worry that special interest groups and lobbyists will make sure that doesn’t happen.

  2. It is amazing, to me, that when government decides to “cut” spending, they target the services and benefits that help the poorest of our society. In theory, benefits for those without health care sounds noble and is sure to get support … but in reality, when cuts are necessary, the people doing the cutting don’t want to touch anything that affect themselves … and cutting those noble benefits becomes “necessary”.

    I’m with you … if they cut just a fraction of their premiums, they could solve the problem. I’ll also join you in writing some letters.

    Thanks for your thoughts … and sharing them with us!

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