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Weekly Green Challenge

Posted by eemilla on June 10, 2009

Over at Reduce Footprints, there is a new weekly Green Challenge.  I’ve signed up for this week’s challenge of cutting my shower time to less than ten minutes, and I’ve decided to up the ante by employing the water pause feature.  Last year we spent about $40 dollars on a new shower head that has a detachable head (for dog washing), and it also had a water pause feature in addition to being a low flow head.  We have a seen about a ten dollar  savings on each water bill so it has already paid for itself, and the pressure isn’t really noticeably different from our old shower head.  Kudos to my husband for already taking six minutes showers!


3 Responses to “Weekly Green Challenge”

  1. Sounds like a great idea–I’ll check out the website. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the short showers. My husband takes really short showers, but he showers 3 times a day in the summer.

  2. Thanks, so much, Eemilla … I appreciate your support and participation in our weekly green challenge. And I love how you’ve upped the ante … brilliant idea. I don’t have the pause feature on my shower head so … I just turn off the faucet after getting wet and turn it back on to rinse. It works but … your shower head sounds fabulous! 🙂

    I’m really hoping that the weekly challenge will catch on. If we all work together, doing the same “green” activity during the same week … I think we can have an impact. And who knows … maybe we’ll change the world.

    Thanks, again!

    Small Footprints

  3. Just wanted to stop back by and say … WOW!! Four to eight minute showers … that’s fabulous! And that’s just what you usually do … brilliant! One of the readers at Reduce Footprints challenged me to a two minute shower. I took the challenge and have been doing it this week. Seriously … it makes a 10 minute shower seem like the most decadent and wasteful thing in the world. 🙂 With determination and focus, I can take a two minute shower … two and a half minutes when I wash my hair. One of the great advantages that I’ve also realized is that, since I only turn my water heater on for 30 minutes a day, I’m left with a whole lot of hot water. So … I’m going to cut that back as well … saving water and electricity. yeah!

    Thanks for sharing your success story! 🙂

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