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Bruegger’s doesn’t sell bagels.

Posted by eemilla on June 10, 2009

The now defunct Buddha Bagels brought me back into the bagel fold after years of absence and craving for kosher tofu cream cheese, so when they went under I decided to try Bruegger’s again.  I ate a fresh bagel in the store, and it was lame.  The peanut butter was sugary and oily, and my sesame bagel didn’t have a crusty exterior.  Even though I requested it toasted, it felt like dense Wonderbread, and I thought I might be able squish into a dough ball.  One bad bagel isn’t really enough to condemn a place so I spent $5 for two bags of seconds.  Their bagels have plenty of seeds and seasoning on them, but they are smaller than Buddha’s (which with my waist line that might not be all bad).  My biggest complaint is even though they are boiled (you can see the cauldron when you walk in), there isn’t a crusty exterior just a dinner roll like interior.  After these seconds I will have to do something else for breakfast, I guess it is back to smoothies in honor of summer.  On a positive note, their staff was friendly and efficient, and the restroom was reasonably clean.


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