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One Car Household Week 40!

Posted by eemilla on June 5, 2009

Frankly, I am a bit shocked that we have made it this far without seriously thinking about buying another car.  We have not had one conversation about even looking at cars aside from some day dreaming in which we get some fast and nimble little car that I can haul ass up and down back country roads (and in this fantasy I could so without endangering anyone, getting a ticket, or  wasting gas).  From the onset my honey has sacrificed the most by riding the bus and walking more than I have, but this week I have walked and/or rode the bus in five out of eight commutes!  My calves are singing in that good muscle building way, and I like to think I am getting less winded than when I started around Strive not to Drive.  Another benefit is that the stress that builds in my shoulders, arms, and wrists from typing all day seems to disperse by the time I get home; I don’t know if it is the endorphines or increased blood flow, but I certainly appreciate it.  I even walked home in the rain and stayed dry (although I have yet to try Beth’s bubble umbrella idea).


One Response to “One Car Household Week 40!”

  1. Beth said

    Yay for you and your husband! Forty weeks with only one car is a great accomplishment. Those bubble umbrellas really are great. You could also use one of those giant golf umbrellas, but they tend to be a little hazardous in crowds or even to other people on the sidewalk. 🙂

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