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Orange Day

Posted by eemilla on June 2, 2009

Checking the forecast at Ray’s, my husband noticed that tomorrow (2 June) will be an orange day for Asheville Ridgetops, which means that the ozone levels will likely reach unhealthy levels for sensitive groups (i.e., those with breathing issues, the old, and the young) and outdoor exercise should be avoided during the afternoon.  Ugh, it isn’t even summer, and the ozone levels are already an issue.  On the bright side, we are still on the low side of yellow with the particle pollution.  I guess I should up my walking commuting while I can.


2 Responses to “Orange Day”

  1. Beth said

    Well, it may not BE summer, but it sure feels like it out there. I find myself hoping for rain again, just so it will cool off and the air will be cleansed. I do hope we’ll have a little more spring before the summer’s heat and humidity settle in.

  2. eemilla said

    I agree; at least the lows are close to fifty for the next few days. I’m a four seasons kinda girl, and with our winter and spring getting so mixed up lately I don’t really look forward to eighty degree plus highs.

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