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Goodbye Buddha Bagels

Posted by eemilla on May 31, 2009

With a heavy heart, I report that Buddha Bagels is closed.  Last week when I went in for my weekly bagel pick up, Mystic Journeys was closing so I guess it should’ve clued me to ask if the bagel shop would stay on, but alas it didn’t.  I was not the only surprised customer this morning to read the simple note: “Buddha Bagels is permanently closed.”  Now I have no choice but to follow Smitten Kitchen’s bagel lesson unless anyone knows of a local bagel shop.


2 Responses to “Goodbye Buddha Bagels”

  1. ecl1958 said

    To my knowledge, Mystic Journeys was separately owned from Buddha Bagels. I loved New York Bagels and Deli and was a customer for quite a few years, but it was never the same after Frank and Heidi sold it, and not just because of the drastic change in decor. The biggest problem, in my opinion, was the rudeness of the owner towards the customers AND his help. I mentioned it to one of the counter people the last time I was in there, and she said I definitely wasn’t the only one who felt that way. From what I could gather, they were losing customers over his rudeness. Unless someone else steps up to the plate and opens a new REAL bagel shop, I guess we non-bakers are stuck with Bruegger’s.

  2. Buddha Worker said

    I can tell you as a former baker at Buddha Bagels that the above commenter is right on the money. If your working in a hostile environement for any set period of time its going to wear on you. The owners of Buddha Bagels were two wonderful people when not stuck living together. There was a high turnover rate for bakers and it was because of the lack of competative wages, set schedule in any form and no leadership but a lack of advancement. I miss the old place but am not surprised to hear its closed for good. Oh and Mystic Journey’s was owned by one of the owners of the bagel shop.

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