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Before and After

Posted by eemilla on May 29, 2009



rainy Hendersonville and Royal Pines bus stop

rainy Hendersonville and Royal Pines bus stop

sunny day with a sidewalk at Royal Pines and Hendo

sunny day with a sidewalk at Royal Pines and Hendo



 Although it is only a tiny section of the road, at least there is some progress (the before is November 08 and the after is last week).  The next few photos show the most dangerous part of my walking commute (between the 2nd and 3rd photos there is a muddy/straw covered/sparsely grassed lot that has plenty of room to walk away from the road).  The strip of shoulder is narrow and really overgrown with itchy, irksome interlopers; it is also a favorite spot for littering (mostly of the twenty-two ounce variety, although there are also some forty and twelve ounces too).  During Strive Not to Drive, I walked this stretch complaining to myself about how weedy it was only to encounter two women and a large stroller heading north along this very same foot path.  Recently some government agency or contractor dug up the pavement, but even though this stretch is within the city limits, it doesn’t look like the sidewalks are forthcoming.  It was my understanding that an ordinance a few years ago required any new construction or large enough renovations to install a sidewalk; hence all of the sidewalks to nowhere (e.g., the eight foot stretch near the new South Asheville Dunkin Donuts that promptly ends into a mess of overgrown weeds or any number of stretches of Merrimon Avenue).



North on Hendo

North on Hendo



south on the Hendo footpath

further south on the Hendo footpath


On the bright side, an entire street of my walk has a nice sidewalk.  The stupid and ironic thing about the sidewalk shown below is that it isn’t new; it is a reclamation of a long neglected sidewalk.  There is another stretch of the lost sidewalk along Royal Pines Drive, but as anyone familiar with the area can attest that walking (much less taking photos) along that road is scary especially during the high volume times of evening and morning.










One Response to “Before and After”

  1. Beth said

    Wow, some of those stretches really do look like they’d be very dangerous to walk on. What a pity that money can’t be found to build sidewalks and, ideally, bike paths to actually encourage people to use the most natural source of alternative energy—our legs.

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