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Strive Not to Drive results

Posted by eemilla on May 15, 2009

Overall I fared better than in previous years, but I only walked home three out of ten opportunities.  Today I blame the weather, but Thursday I no good reason other than the snooze button.  I also forgot to bring the camera so I could complain about the dearth of sidewalks, but I guess I will have ample opportunities as I hope to continue walking more.  My goal is to actually have both of us commute some way other driving at least one a week.  With gas prices on their annual summer up swing and swim suit season fast approaching, we should have plenty of reasons to leave the car parked.


4 Responses to “Strive Not to Drive results”

  1. Beth said

    When it’s pouring rain outside, it’s really hard to discipline yourself to walk, especially when you need to arrive at work dry! I applaud you for your efforts. One thing I found helpful when I lived in the city and walked a lot was one of those bubble-type umbrellas. It kept me and my clothes a lot drier than the traditional umbrellas.

  2. […] appreciate it.  I even walked home in the rain and stayed dry (although I have yet to try Beth’s bubble umbrella […]

  3. […] I repeated last year’s mistake by oversleeping (Sunday nights at the Hanger rock!)  My plans are to walk to work tomorrow and […]

  4. eemilla said

    We had a great time at the Festival! Hope your houseguests were as much fun.

    As far as transit, I’ll bet we see trans-regional before many crossroads are made into the rural neighborhoods. However, like you’ve said before taking small steps like combining your errands makes a difference (especially on your household’s bottom line).

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