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Strive Not to Drive Progress

Posted by eemilla on May 13, 2009

Monday: I failed.  The rain kept me from walking, and I didn’t get any bus tickets.  Although we are almost a mile from the bus stop so even cutting the trip in half leaves a good bit of walking in the elements.

Tuesday:  I had half success.  While I did not get out of bed early enough to drive to work on time much less walk, I did roll my slacks up and walk home.  The weather was great this afternoon, and I really enjoyed the sunshine.  With the rain reprieve, everyone seemed to be mowing their yards so I sneezed most of the way home.

Wednesday looks good, but the rest of week has rainy evening forecasts.


One Response to “Strive Not to Drive Progress”

  1. It seems like it’s been raining all across the country for a whole month. It really can mess with plans. Hopefully the sun comes out soon!

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